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ROC & Soul Fitness Joe Malena Owners

Where It All Started

ROC & Soul Fitness started in 2017 by husband and wife team, Malena & Joe Guadagnino. They believed in a thing, and believed in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable. Both working full time jobs – Malena as a Teacher and Joe an Executive in the Telecom industry... They saw a need for a boutique fitness studio in Webster, NY. 


Their vision was that this space was meant to be loved by the community and priced reasonably. It was a simple dream, they believed a small boutique Barre studio would be warmly welcomed. 800 square feet of space with mirrors, ballet bars, and a small retail area.


"Believe" was their drive.....

"If you believe in yourself, anything is possible."


ROC & Soul Fitness Logo

Soon after opening the studio, they saw a need for increased class times, more instructors, and additional class types that were desired by the community. Joe remembered saying to Malena, "You have made the community happy and they're embracing ROC & Soul.... I'm proud of you." 

Yoga, Bounce, Barre Flow and even more class types were added to the schedule. 

By 2019 ROC & Soul grew to 1800 square feet, 38 classes and 12 instructors.

In 2019, during Joe's travels, he decided to take some Soul Cycle classes (in NYC, South Beach, DC, etc).  There was an instant draw, passion, and excitement that drove him... It was addicting and he couldn't stop dreaming. Joe needed to create a cycle studio here to share with the ROC & Soul community. A completely different look and feel of the current ROC & Soul space; Edgy. Motivating. Inspiring. Rhythm riding drove the classes to the beat, made it fun, and classes always flew by... Even crazier? This was all to happen in a dark space lit by candlelight. The manifestation happened and ROC Cycle was born. 

ROC & Soul Fitness has now grown to 2600 square feet, 16 instructors, and over 50 classes!


During the ROC Cycle expansion Joe and Malena were blessed with their son Luca.....The "real Luca" they call him because of the newest Disney Movie. They still think to this day that the story was inspired by their son... (insert humor). But now there was even more purpose, more drive, and the reality of "life" really hit them hard... They always try to live by the motto, "Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% is how you react."

ROC & Soul Fitness Joe Malena

In 2021,

the fun continues!


– MELT by ROC & Soul Fitness was born. 

– Added four Infrared Sauna Suites and a Massage room.

– Improved our formula to ensure every entity under 

ROC & Soul Fitness has its own vibe and feel.


From a business perspective, the thought process was simple...

There were no Infrared Saunas in the suburbs. 


Saunas are a place for unplugging, especially concerning mental health and detoxification. In this day and age, rarely does one unplug and take care of themselves fully. How awesome would it be to take a ROC Cycle class and then decompress in the sauna, or relax your muscles with a massage after Barre class?

ROC & Soul Fitness Joe and Malena Family

Today. ROC & Soul Fitness has now expanded to over 3200 square feet, added 30 staff members, and we have over 35 hours of available appointment times for MELT.

In Summary, ROC & Soul Fitness was created for the community, priced for all, and wouldn't be possible without family support. Both sets of parents/families worked hard to support us – making one heck of a team. It's because of their love and support  that all of this was possible.

Let's do this thing together and remember to always keep inspiring!

– Joe, Malena & Luca

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44 E. Main Street

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