Class Descriptions 

SOUL Barre

Duration: 45 & 60 Minutes


Our Barre classes use isometric micro-movements with the focus on high repetitions and small range of motion in targeted muscle areas. The tiny movements are designed to fatigue the muscle, followed by stretching to lengthen and define the muscles.  Many of our movements are based on ballet, Pilates, yoga, and elements of traditional strength training.  This workout offers total body toning and conditioning, to give you a leaner and toned physique.


Barre Flow

Duration: 45 & 60 Minutes


This class is a fun fusion of Barre and yoga, combining the best of our SOUL Barre and Vinyasa Flow classes.  Barre Flow class emphasizes a creative approach to strength, balance, flexibility, and muscle toning. You can expect a blend of flow sequences with functional weight training, mixed together to give you a total body workout.  Tone, tighten, and lengthen, while enjoying many mindful yoga elements, such as Savasana. We recommend that you bring a yoga mat to class.


Duration: 45 Minutes

Barre BOUNCE is a FUN high intensity interval training workout that combines rebounding on mini-trampolines with elements from our barre clases. Rebounding provides a full body workout with cardio, strengthening, and tiny movements to lengthen and define the muscles, while being easy on the joints.

ROC N' Flow 

Duration: 60 Minutes  


ROC N' Flow is an all level Vinyasa flow. During class, students will focus on conscious breath and mindful flow, while burning calories, building strength and flexibility, and giving students greater awareness of self. This class is a perfect mix of sweat and soul.  It includes cardiovascular movements and strength building, to sculpt, tone and condition both the body and mind.




Duration: 45 Minutes


BURN is a high-energy class that incorporates strength training and cardio bursts to blast calories. This multi-level class uses high repetitions in movement with low weight, aimed to sculpt, tighten, tone, and strengthen.  We keep our class sizes small so you can get a personalized approach. Get ready to ROC your workout with this fun, energizing, total body workout. Don't forget your sneakers for this fun class!


CORE Pilates

Duration: 35, 45, & 60 Minutes

Core Pilates is a fusion of barre and mat Pilates. Through the use high repetitions using a Pilates resistance stick and bands, we will work all major muscle groups, with a focus on the core muscle group.

You can wear barre/grip socks or go bare foot. We will provide fitness mats, but feel free to bring your own yoga mat.

Define . Tone . Strengthen


ROC Cycle

Duration: 30 & 45 Minutes

ROC Cycle is an indoor cycling class that combines an invigorating environment, with upbeat music and dimmed lighting, designed for you to ROC Your Ride. ROC Cycle combines heart pumping cardio, muscle-sculpting and toning, and rhythm-based choreography. Join the ride, as this class is an inclusive low-impact/high-intensity cycle experience, perfect for all ages and body types. 

"I Love being challenged each week by the motivating group of instructors.  I can feel myself becoming stronger and accomplishing my goals." 

-Melissa R.