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New Clients Welcome 

New to Barre or Yoga? At ROC & Soul Fitness, we have you covered so you can have

everything you need to take your first class, and beyond. Tap into your inner

and outer strength. 




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No Experience Needed 


Start as a beginner, no experience is needed to start any of our classes. Everybody, every age, and every body type is welcome to class! Expecting mothers are welcome too, but we recommend consulting with your doctor first. No tutus, choreography, or dance experience is needed. Our talented and supportive staff and fitness community will welcome you to our beautiful studio. We adjust and modify the workout so that everyone, at every level gets an appropriate challenge. Not sure of our technique? No problem! During every class we provide support with our exercises, method, and check your form, to help you stay motivated through those tough challenging moments. 

What to Expect During Class

Barre: All of our classes begin with a warm-up and a stretch. In our barre classes specifically, you can expect a full body workout. We target each muscle group individually, to push your body to the point of fatigue with "micro-movements." These small micro-movements with high repetitions take your muscles to a state of overload; a good overload that strengths and tones the muscle. Embrace the shake! If your muscles begin to tremble, that is a sign that your muscles are reaching fatigue. To provide variety and a new challenging workout each week, we use different props throughout class to add resistance. Body weight exercises, the ballet barres, Pilates balls, free weights, and more add to our state of the art barre classes. 


Cycle: All of our classes begin with a warm-up. Anyone of any fitness background or age can participate in a class. For everyone!  Our classes are so much fun and our environment is friendly and non-judgmental. Additional, are style is based in rhythem riding. We ride to the beat of the music in a dimmed, candle lit room. Their are no mirrors, so you can focus on you and not be in competition with anyone else. This is your ride! Never cycled before? No problem. Come 10-15 minutes prior to class and our talented instructors will get you set up on your bike.


How to Prepare 

Register on our Website or Download The MindBody App to your smartphone. This also helps us prepare. If you cannot attend, please cancel your reservation so someone else can take class if their is a waitlist.

Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class to set up your equipment. Make this hour about you. Unplug so you can get your mind and body ready for class.


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Think about what you will need for class. For yoga & Barre Flow, we recommend bringing a mat. For Barre BURN, bring sneakers. SOUL Barre & Barre BOUNCE, sticky socks (we have some cute pairs if you need them). For cycle, sneakers or SPD cleats are required. Also, don't forget water.

We love to tailor workouts to fit our clients needs. Please share with us if you are pregnant, have prior injuries, concerns, or special circumstances. 

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What to Expect After Class


After class concludes, be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help your muscles recover. Within the next day or two, your body might be sore from the isometric movements. Keep with it! Your body will adjust and you will become stronger. Book your next class. It will take a few classes to get the hang of our technique, but it is worth it! You will begin to see changes and results! We recommend attending 3-5 classes weekly to see the best results.  If you have any questions, please ask your instructor after class. They can explain the differences in the variety of classes we offer and more. 

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