A Transformation Journey with Barre Fitness

ROC & Soul Fitness instructor, Theresa has experienced a remarkable transformation with Barre Fitness. Theresa was born with a genetic brittle bone disease; Osteogenesis Imperfecta (type 1) also known as brittle bone disease. A few years ago Theresa experienced a rare complication which affected her Femur. She was told by her doctors in Rochester that she might never be able to walk again. After this devastating news, Theresa was determined to regain her strength and found a doctor in Maryland that specializes in OI and knew how to help her. She made slow progress with intense physical therapy.

Once Theresa’s leg healed enough, she enrolled in barre classes at M/Body, a local fitness studio in the City of Rochester. Molly Flaherty, the owner, was strategic in helping encourage Theresa to take baby steps to gradually build her strength and stamina over time. Within a handful of months of Barre classes, Theresa began to notice significant changes in her body. She had lost weight and has kept it off. Most impressive, however, is the fact that she defied odds with her leg and remarkably improved her bone density in her femur. Her doctor was stunned and so impressed wanting to know her secret to healing her leg and regaining such strength. Theresa informed them it was Barre Fitness that she had been practicing regularly. Theresa said “my bone specialist highly recommends that I continue with barre and yoga. My body has gotten so much stronger, being strong is the best way to protect my bones now and for my future bone health.”

Theresa began dancing at the age of three years old and throughout high school into her twenties. She has enjoyed how many foundation movements in Barre classes stem from her ballet dance training. One of her favorite aspects of barre class is “it is a fun way to gain muscle strength doing small movements that are safe! I appreciate good music to keep the class motivated.” Theresa loves Barre so much that she became certified in barre. When asked what advice she would give to those new to Barre she responded, “You do NOT have to have dance experience at all. Bring water and be ready to have fun!” Theresa also recently became certified in yoga and reiki. You can see Theresa instructing Power Vinyasa, VInyasa Flow, and Barre Flow classes here at Roc and Soul Fitness.​

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