ROC & Soul Fitness Opening Jan. 13th, 2018

ROC & Soul Fitness – Opening Jan. 13, 2018!

We are ROC & Soul Fitness, a fitness boutique, opening Jan. 13, 2018, in the Village of Webster, NY. Our studio offers barre fitness, yoga (both Vinyasa and Hatha styles), a unique hybrid class that combines barre and yoga called Barre Flow, and a fun higher energy class that integrates cardio with light weights, called ROC Core & More. “I love the variety that the studio offers,” says Laurie Ballone, a client who has tried almost all the classes offered at ROC & Soul Fitness through different pop up classes we have offered. “I like that I can choose which class to take based upon how I feel that day” said Ballone.

Joe & Malena Guadagnino at their Wedding with their Westie, Gia.

Owners are husband and wife team, Malena and Joe Guadagnino. They first dreamed up the idea of a barre studio a few years ago after learning about barre fitness. Barre fitness is still fairly new to the region; it focuses on tiny isometric movements with high repetitions and small range of motion. Many of these movements are based on ballet, pilates, yoga and proper stretching. Our Barre classes offer total body toning and conditioning to give you a longer, leaner, and more defined physique. Malena took her first barre class at a studio in East Rochester, called ROC the Barre and instantly fell in love with the workout. Although you do not need any dance experience to take barre classes, it reminded Malena of her former dance days. The incredible and highly talented owner of ROC the Barre, Kerry Siel was one of the first to offer barre in the Rochester region. Kerry is joining us on this journey and will be teaching her barre method at ROC & Soul fitness.

Having grown up in Webster, Malena was adamant that she opened the studio in her home town. “I wanted to share my love of fitness with the Webster community. Webster is such a special town and I know the people of this community will love the variety of fitness classes and the warm atmosphere our studio offers. It was such a fun experience getting to design our space and provide custom touches, including a 30 ft. focal wall, antique barn doors, and re-purposed old hardwood floors from one of the Webster Village’s old buildings. The finishing’s and artwork make the studio feel homey and inviting. We want our studio to feel like an extension of your home,” says Malena.

Joe is particularly excited for the Webster Village revival and believes the Village will become a destination for many families, foodies, and yogi’s alike. “We are so excited to be a part of the new community forming in The Village of Webster. It will become a destination with The Village Bakery, The Pittsford Farms Dairy, JoJo’s, and many things to come.”

We can’t wait to ROC your workout and move your SOUL with you!

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