What’s In Your Barre Bag?

Favorite gear, products, and hints from a Barre Instructor.

We sat down with our Barre Star Instructor, Kerry for an interview about her favorite barre items and tips for heading to the barre. She’s opened her barre bag to give us a sneak peek at must have items she brings to the barre. Have you seen Kerry’s Tuckett’s? She ROCS the cutest barre socks and leg warmers. The Tuckett’s sock brand Kerry wears can be found at ROC & Soul Fitness. See Kerry, a brand ambassador for Tuckett’s, at the NYS Yoga Festival on Saturday, June 9th at Letchworth State Park.

Kerry also shared some helpful tips and advice for those new to the barre. Haven’t been to one of Kerry’s barre classes? It is a must! She has an amazing class and technique style that will leave you shaking and burning, in a great way! Come see Kerry at ROC & Soul Fitness on Tuesday’s at 10am and alternating Saturday’s at 9am.

Read our interview with Kerry below for some barre tips:

Q: What are your must haves in your barre bag?

A: Water! Tucketts grippy socks (various styles), hair ties, travel deodorant, lighter/heavier top for layering.

Q: Do you have any favorite barre products?

A: Tucketts grip socks! They feel like I’m barefoot which is awesome because I don’t slip (like I do in closed toe socks) and the feedback from the barefoot sensation is crucial for connecting with your form. There’s styles and colors for every mood and the ever changing weather in Roc. Plus, I can wear them in my flip flops right to class. Roc & Soul sells them too!

Q: When did you first get introduced to barre and what were your initial thoughts?

A: I was living in SC and found a Groupon for a local barre studio. It sounded like the different type of class I was looking for (I hate the gym scene). After my first class I nearly fell from my shaky legs walking back to my car. That was it, I was hooked. I’d never felt anything like it before (and nothing has compared since!)

Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching barre classes?

A: Seeing the progress of clients as they continuously take the classes. They’re always amazed that they can go further, hold things longer, lift more, etc. I’m not surprised though, I know it’ll come with regular practice. It’s nice to see them evolve.

Q: What tips or advice would you give to those new to barre?

A: Try it at least 5 times, and you’ll start to feel changes. My class is very challenging but it gets better the more you do it. You get better the more you do it. “Perfect” form doesn’t come easily or quickly, and that’s ok. But once you get it, you can push yourself further. All of us were beginners at at least one point.

Also, no one is judging you so don’t feel self conscious about stopping or shaking or whatever. (I teach a hard class on purpose so no one can make it through without stopping at least once.) Everyone is focusing on their own form/workout. If you have time for your mind to wander in class, you’re not doing something right.

Visit Kerry’s incredible barre class by registering at www.rocandsoulfitness.com or on the Mindbody App. Stop by the NYS Yoga Festival to visit the Tuckett’s and ROC & Soul Fitness booths. To learn more about the NYS Yoga Festival, visit https://www.nysyogafestival.com/.

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