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Our yoga instructor, Olivia, breaks down her must have items in her yoga bag and gives advice to those new to yoga practice.

Q: What are your must haves in your yoga bag?

A: Water bottle, Lululemon towel, essential oils, chapstick and some layering clothes if it's chilly out! Oh and of course my mat, duh!

Q: Do you have any favorite yoga products?

A: WAY too many...I have an addiction to yoga clothes! Having a good mat is key to supporting yoga postures though and I love my Lululemon mat!

Q: When did you first get introduced to yoga and what were your initial thoughts?

A: Oh wow, my first yoga class was at a YMCA in Delaware 15 years ago. I took various classes at gyms for years, but it wasn't until I started going to Power Vinyasa classes at a Yoga Studio about 5 years ago, that I fell in love with the practice and now incorporate it into my daily routine. Even if it's just taking a few minutes for some cleansing breaths or sitting up a little straighter in my chair at work - yoga is everywhere!

Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching yoga classes?

A: The community...coming together, breathing together, flowing together. It's beautiful to watch as an instructor.

Q: What tips or advice would you give to those new to yoga?


Olivia's Yoga Bag Favorites

Keep coming! Every class you will pick up something new and start to recognize more and more poses. Yoga is a continually evolving practice, if you're a beginner or an experienced Yogi, there is always something new to play with - have fun with it! Even if you just make it to your mat and slow down your breath, you will start to see the benefits.

Olivia's Yoga Bag

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