What's in Your Barre Bag?

We sat down with our barre instructor Jené to find out what her favorite products are and to get some advice on taking barre classes. We love Jené's adorable backpack that she brings to each class with her favorite items.

Q: What are your must haves in your barre bag?

A: the must haves in my barre bag are obviously water, pairs of tuckettes, and double tubing

Q: Do you have any favorite barre/fitness products?

A: Some of my favorite barre products are my tuckette socks! I love the variety they offer and they are so cute and comfortable. I also love the double tubing that is used in barre because of the versatility it offers. I always carry mine in my bag with me for when I get any new ideas!

Q: When did you first get introduced to barre and what were your initial thoughts?

A: I first got introduced to barre from my mother in law, Katherine Dupra. She owns barre DVDs and raved how great they were. I thought it would be easy because I danced for 12 years, but boy was I wrong. Barre is a phenomenal low impact workout. By performing isometric movements and static holds it fires up the muscles!

Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching barre classes?

A: What I love most about Barre is the fun and creativity I can put into a class program. What I love is demonstrating a movement that looks simple and easy but once the class has tried it, they soon find it is hard and challenging. Barre is great because you hear to only move your leg or body 1" and you think "One inch thats easy" but that is not the case! Precise control is required to only move your leg or body 1".

Q: What tips or advice would you give to those new to barre?

A: Some tips and advice I would give to those new to barre is if you don't know what the instructor is asking of you then ask. I love when people get involved in my classes. I do not want to stand at the front of the room and teach I want to bring everyone together. Also, take the class at your pace. Do not compare yourself to others because it may be there 100th class. Take the class at your pace and enjoy it on your terms.

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