What's In Your Yoga Bag?

Q: What are your must haves in your yoga bag? A:In my yoga bag you will always find my Young Living Essential Oils, a granola bar, water (My favorite water is Karma Water and Hint Water)

Q: Do you have any favorite yoga products?

A: I love supporting local, so when it comes to yoga products I am ALWAYS looking for comfortable yoga apparel! My favorite brands are HIKYOGA by Helloyogagirl and I love my ROC &Soul Fitness Gear

Q: When did you first get introduced to yoga and what were your initial thoughts?

A: I got introduced to yoga a little over 3 years ago! When Nicole Kazimer started teaching yoga, and brought HIKYOGA to our community, I really became interested! I was a mom of 2 and needed an outlet for me. I also had 2 c sections, and wanted a way to stay active without straining my body! Yoga has been a total release for me! I knew I wanted to bring it to the lives of kids, and as a certified teacher I decided getting my kids yoga certification would allow me that opportunity so that is what I did! Yoga has changed my life for the better in so many ways!

Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching yoga classes? A: I love teaching kids yoga classes because I LOVE seeing them connect with themselves and each-other! Everyone is unplugged and tuned in and it’s amazing to see the positive effect it has on all the kiddos!

Q: What tips or advice would you give to those new to yoga?

A: I would tell all prospective yogis to go into yoga with an open mind, and open heart. Trust the process, and do what is right for YOUR body. Yoga is a an evolving practice, don’t worry about everyone else on their mat, focus on yourself, be present and remember you always have your breath.

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