What's In Your Barre Bag with Rachael

Q: What are the must haves in your barre bag?

A: My barre bag always has a cute water bottle and some of my favorite body sprays for after class. I also make sure it is stocked with some extra hair ties and a compact of powder for a quick touchup. There’s always a tennis ball in there as well, to rub out sore muscles.

Q: When did you get introduced to barre and what were your initial thoughts?

A: I first got introduced to barre a little over a year ago because I was struggling with a hip injury from years of dance. Every form of exercise I was trialing previously was causing hip pain. I needed something with less impact that would help strengthen, stabilize and stretch the muscles around the tears. I was amazed at how great of a total body burn I got with barre and how much it actually seemed to help my hip when nothing else did. It has since become my main form of exercise and the doctors are no longer looking at an invasive hip surgery! Yay!

Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching barre?

A: I love teaching barre because I love making other people feel successful and strong in their fitness journeys. It’s fun sharing my love of dance, fitness, and health with a group of amazing women who are there to work hard and have a few laughs along the way.

Q: What advice would you give to those new to barre?

A: To those new to barre, I would say to embrace that shake! The movements seem small but it’s so effective at toning and lengthening the body. Every time you do it, you get stronger and most importantly it’s a fun way to get moving!

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