"I took Alyssa’s Hatha Yoga class and I loved it!  Today I noticed by back feels so much looser than most days. Plus for about a month or more I’ve been having soreness in my back hip area and today it feels so much better.  Also, when I stand up after sitting for a long time. Usually I’m walking hunched over because it hurts to stand straight.  But today no problem!"

- Laurie Ballone

"Beautiful studio, great teacher--- my first Barre class and it was an excellent and easy to follow class.  Try it!  I am hooked!"

- Michelle Crowley

"ROC & Soul fitness is the most beautiful fitness studio I've ever seen.  I felt like I was in a spa!  The Barre and Yoga Instructors are very motivators and there is such a good selection of classes"

- Margie Larocca